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Lauri Andreacchio, E-RYT
fine art
fine art
"The Library issued a previous Call for Artists
and the winning commission, an abstract oil
painting titled "Piece" by Evesham-based artists- Lauri
Andreacchio, was installed at the Maple Shade branch
in December."
fine art
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Yoga for Athletes
Join Lauri on "Off the Mat" as she helps You "Create the Life
of Your Dreams"! Experts in
fields such as Alternative Health,
Music, Food, Nutrition, Fitness and- of course- Art & Yoga
will stop by and share their brilliance with YOU.
Lauri and her
guests will bring you a variety of practices, techniques &
inspiration- tools for you to take "Off the Mat" and apply in
your own life to enhance, elevate & empower as
You build the most amazing version of Your Self- EVER!!
..."Create the Life of Your Dreams!!" on "Off the Mat",
Thursday's- 10:30am EST @!
fine art
fine art
Philadelphia Area  609.234.2448                                                                                                                                   Images copyright © Lauri Andreacchio All rights reserved                                                                                                                                                         © 2007 Lauri Andreacchio All rights reserved
Lauri Andreacchio is honored to be a part of the NEO POSITIVITY GROUP as a YOGA COACH
and highly recommends the other members of the group for their respective specialties

"Much like a general practice doctor would send clients to a neurologist or gastroenterologist, I have my own list of
specialist. If I've sent you to this page scroll down and visit the category that best suits your needs.
Visit their websites and reach out to who resonates with you. I've recommended that each coach give at least 1 free
consultation and so far they've all agreed. Everyone here is a professional and is dedicated to helping others.

My niche is teaching people how to win in every aspect of life. So make no mistake, myself and several other of
these coaches can cover all of these topics. But a lot of Life Coaches specialize in specific category ie. Anxiety,
Domestic Violence, Business, Self Empowerment, etc. I'll be the first one to admit that a Domestic Violence coach
who has experienced domestic violence, should have more to offer in that category.
And that's a good thing. Whether its through personal experience or they just love the subject, either way, their
pursuing what they love. And when you do that, you're bound to be great at whatever it is you do. So you're in good
hands with them. If not, call me." Neomaya Davila -Neo Positivity
"Off the Mat with Lauri" Guest- Dr Polina
Karmazin, SJ Holistic Medicine
Turn up the music & Rock your Kali Goddess with this
intense, playful YogaBlaast! practice designed to help
you release demons and make room for your
Fabulousness! YogaBlaast! blends Yoga, Martial Arts,
conditioning and cardio into a practice that will get your
heart pumping, your breath roaring and your demons
retreating. So, grab your mat, turn the music up, fire
up your fierce & get ready to transform! XO_Lauri